Here Is the Most In-depth 10-Capital Review for You
If you have been researching online brokers, you just have come across 10-Capital quite a few times. Among the new brokers that providing their services to traders from around the world, 10-Capital has proved to be one of the best. With the features of its trading platform, trader-focused trading conditions, and easy deposit and withdrawal options, it has stood with some of the most tenured brokers of the industry. However, you have to know everything about the broker before you make up your mind to open an account with it and put real money in that account. 

This 10-Capital review is going to be the most in-depth review you are going to read about the broker. Let’s take a look at every major and minor feature of the broker to see if 10-Capital qualifies as your next broker. 

Reviewing Every 10-Capital Feature in Detail 

The Trading Platform 

Let’s start with the trading platform because that’s where every trader spends most of his/her time. Whether you talk about the ease of use of the platform or its compatibility, you will not be disappointed with what 10-Capital has to offer. It is one of the best trading platforms you can be on with the best trading tools integrated on it. You will learn it in no time because of its user-friendliness. Most importantly, you will not have to switch the device you own because of its compatibility with almost all the devices out there. 

If you keep changing your devices and are always traveling, you should go with the web-based version of the software. You can download the trading platform application on your smartphone too. If you like trading in the conventional way, it is available in a downloadable format for desktop computers as well. 

The Asset Classes 

What will you be able to trade when you have created an account on 10-Capital’s website? A simple answer is that you will be able to trade just about any asset you can think of. 10-Capital’s asset index is one of the biggest in the industry. You have hundreds of financial markets available for trading 24 hours a day. In those financial markets, you can trade cryptocurrencies, forex currency pairs, commodities, indices, and the world’s best stocks. If you have been looking for a way to trade bitcoin and ethereum, you have found the right broker already. 

In fact, you will be even happier when you join the 10-Capital platform because there are a lot of other crypto-coins available for trading too. Some of the cryptocurrencies you can trade as a trader with 10-Capital are Ripple, Stellar, Dogecoin, Litecoin, etc. Do keep in mind that regardless of the asset you choose, you will be trading CFDs. You don’t have to own the asset to trade it. You can find out more about CFD trading on the internet. Not to mention, a lot of information is available on 10-Capital blog as well. 

Trading Strategies 

You will not find many brokers who teach you about trading strategies without requiring you to open an account. Yes, every broker has some training material available for its new and experienced traders. However, you have to activate an account with the broker to do that. With 10-Capital, you don’t have to do any of that. Right on the website you will see a section that says “Trading Strategies”. This particular section on the website talks about the many trading strategies that you can use in the financial markets to enter profitable trades. It starts with an understanding of the bearish and bullish market and how you can take advantage of those two conditions in the markets. There is a bunch of other strategies that you can learn before you open an account with 10-Capital. 

Bonuses and Incentives 

That’s something that a lot of brokers talk about but only a few offer. Most of the brokers are happy to give a welcoming bonus to the people who sign up with them. The welcome bonus is enticing for new traders but does not offer anything valuable to the experienced traders. On the other hand, 10-Capital has been generous in this area as it gives a bonus to its traders regardless of which account they have opened. Just because you have opened a basic account does not mean you will not be able to earn loyalty bonus. A 10% loyalty bonus is there even for those with the most basic account. 

As you jump from smaller to bigger accounts, the bonus increases and reaches a maximum of 100% for those holding the most expensive account with the company. You can use this bonus to enter trades that might otherwise not fit in your budget. 

Trading Conditions 

Trading conditions mean the environment that a broker creates for its traders. This environment can be friendly or unfriendly for the traders. Now, you must be wondering how the environment can be friendly or unfriendly for traders. There are a few things that decide the atmosphere for the traders. First, you have to look at the leverage information. Is the broker offering any type of leverage for you to amplify your profits? Not to mention, you can control big trades with leverage. If your broker does not give you any leverage, you will have to trade small. Your profits will be very small and your journey to become a millionaire will be very long. 

The other thing that sets the trading conditions for the traders is spreads. How much is the difference between the purchasing and selling prices of the same asset on the broker’s platform? The bigger the difference between the two prices, the more your broker is going to earn. 10-Capital helps you make a lot of money from your trades by offering competitive spreads. The broker is just as interested in helping you make money as it is in making its own money. 

Information and Funds Safety 

Is your information safe when you give it out on the website? Are you sure that your broker is taking good care of the information you provide when you sign up? You must be aware of how things can go wrong when someone steals the information from the database of a company. If nothing, the broker has to offer some level of encryption. With 10-Capital, your information is protected from the snoopers through 256-bit encryption. These are some of the best standards that brokers can use to protect your information. You will find the information about encryption on 10-Capital’s website. 

10-Capital is clear to state on its website how it takes care of its funds. The funds you deposit in your account regardless of the method you choose go into a separate account. This particular account holds all the money coming from the traders. On the other hand, the money of the broker is held in a completely separate account. What can go wrong if a broker combines your money with its money? If there is no regulation of the company, it might just use the money on its own projects. You don’t want your money to be used by the company and hence the need of separate accounts.
Trading Education 

The last thing you want to do as a trader is open an account with a broker and start putting your money on the line just like that. Trading requires you to do a lot of analyses before you put your money on the line. How can you do those analyses if you don’t understand the basic workings of the market? To ensure that you are on a successful career path, most of the brokers give you access to a lot of training material as soon as you sign up. This training material starts with the basic information about trading and covers the most advanced trading strategies along with technical analysis. 

As mentioned earlier, you get a lot of the basic information about trading right on the 10-Capital website. There are not many traders who provide this information on their website. They are usually busy in in talking about trading conditions, margin requirements, leverages, etc. On the other hand, even the 10-Capital website is somewhat educational for new traders. In addition to that, you get access to more training material when you open an account with the broker. Traders with basic accounts have partial access to the education whereas those with advanced accounts can access all the training material. 

Professional Managers 

When it is your first time in the financial markets, you want to learn a lot of things from people who have been in the industry for a long time. Account manager assistance is something that you don’t find on every broker’s website. Some brokers provide it only to the people with advanced account types and some don’t have this feature at all. 10-Capital is unique in that it provides you with account managers regardless of the type of account you choose. With the basic account, you only have a junior account manager to assist you for a limited amount of time. However, you have unlimited access to senior account manager when you sign up with an advanced account. 

If you don’t know, you will also get money management if you choose to go with an account that includes this feature. These features are usually not available with all the online brokers. 10-Capital understands the importance of assisting new traders in every possible and hence these amazing features. 

Deposits and Withdrawals 

Once you have joined a broker, it is the responsibility of your broker to make deposits and withdrawals a breeze for you. The most important thing here is that you should be able to deposit money in your account in many ways. You should not be bound to use a method that your broker has specified. In today’s world, different people have different preferred methods of transferring money. Some like to use credit cards, some like bank transfers, and some prefer to use the online money transfer methods. It does not matter which method of money transfer you prefer because you can use them all with 10-Capital. 

One of the issues you will often face when depositing and withdrawing money is the fees that go out of your pocket. These are the fees that you have to pay to the middle parties, and sometimes to the broker you have signed up with. 10-Capital has kept things quite balanced here. When you do your first transaction of any month, you don’t have to worry about any of these fees and commissions. Yes, you will have to pay the fees when you do a second transaction. However, the broker is quite fair to give you an online table of all the methods of money transfer and the fees associated with them. 

Customer Support 

Customer support is an area where even the best can fail. It won’t be wrong to say that some traders give good customer support more weight than trading platform features when it comes to choosing a broker. Things are not that bad when you look at the customer support from 10-Capital. You have phone numbers, email addresses, and web forms that you can use for getting in touch with a professional from the company. More importantly, you can now take advantage of instant help in the form of live chat on the website. Having so many methods of contacting the company shows how much the broker cares about its traders. 

Bottom Line 

By now, you have read about almost all the different features that 10-Capital has. It is important to notice here that you have to weigh these features even if you are about to pick some other broker. It is easy to conclude from the information above why new traders have started to love 10-Capital so much. The broker has definitely understood how to make trading a pleasant experience even for someone who is doing it for the first time. Even the account opening process is short and simplified. So, if you think trading is the new career for you, start the sign up process with 10-Capital.