GigaFX Review: Benefits of Trading With GigaFX

One of the most appealing facts about trading is that it has the power to change your fortune in the blink of an eye. You can become a millionaire overnight or you can also lose everything. The possibility of earning millions is what that draws people to the trading market. In addition, anyone is allowed to take advantage of this market as there are no barriers to entry and you just need to have money for investing. What you do need to look for is a reliable and trustworthy online broker that can offer you safety and security along with the features and tools you would need for trading efficiently. 
In the last few years, there has been a major inflow of trading brokers and now you can find plenty of brokers to choose from when you make up your mind to become a trader. One broker that you will come across during your research is GigaFX. As compared to some other brokers, GigaFX is a new one as Four Square International Venture Ltd established it in 2018. The company itself is based in …

Here Is the Most In-depth 10-Capital Review for You

If you have been researching online brokers, you just have come across 10-Capital quite a few times. Among the new brokers that providing their services to traders from around the world, 10-Capital has proved to be one of the best. With the features of its trading platform, trader-focused trading conditions, and easy deposit and withdrawal options, it has stood with some of the most tenured brokers of the industry. However, you have to know everything about the broker before you make up your mind to open an account with it and put real money in that account.

How to Go About High Volume Trading Stocks

In the stock exchange market, in order to make a profit, even at the basic level, investors have to buy and sell stocks. They typically buy stock at lower prices and sell them at a higher price in order to get returns. Nonetheless, there are various other techniques that can be used by avid traders for buying and selling stock with a profit motive. One way to play in the stock market is to purchase and sell shares during high volume days. This is the condition when market is quite active and a large volume of shares are being traded on the stock exchange. 
High volume trading stocks can be beneficial because it indicates that there is a change in stock prices so it is an excellent time for traders to buy and sell. There are lots of investors and traders out there who don’t have any knowledge of volume trading. Those who don’t know how to trade volume can follow these steps: 
1- Use an online account for accessing information about your current stock account. If you don’t use an onlin…

Japanese Candlesticks - Engulfing Candles

The engulfing candle pattern is another important group, of which there are two main types, the bearish engulfing and the bullish engulfing. The concept of the candle pattern is simply that one candle has ‘engulfed’ the other wrapping around the previous days price action. The candle pattern on the left is bullish engulfing with the green candle wrapping around the red down bar, whilst the pattern on the right is bearish engulfing, with the red down bar engulfing the up candle of the previous day. In both case the candle that has been engulfed is fully enclosed within the body of the following day’s price action. 

Like the doji, the engulfing signal is another powerful indicator and you ignore it at your peril but there are three criteria that you must observe for the signal to carry significant weight and these are as follows. First the trend must be clearly defined, an uptrend for a bearish engulfing and a down trend for a bullish engulfing. Secondly the engulfing candle must enclose…

The Advantages of SMS Forex Alerts

Forex signals are buy and sell indicators that alert investors to potentially lucrative market entry points. Legitimate signals are generated by professional investors, who through their own strategy, conduct extensive technical and fundamental analysis on any given asset – so that traders like you don't have to! 
Forex signal alerts are particularly useful to beginners and for those who lack the time necessary to devote to learning the rapid movements of complex currency market. But signals are also commonly used by professional investors, hedge funds, and even financial management companies. 
But one very effective form of signal alerts that often gets overlooked is SMS Forex alerts. SMS Forex alerts are trading signals delivered via mobile phone. 
Benefits of SMS Forex Alerts 
So what exactly makes Forex alerts delivered via SMS text message different from other signal delivery methods? First is the fact that SMS Forex alerts are much more convenient than any other delivery method.…

CFD’s Courses and Trading Academies

We are always looking to be the best at what we do, and when we are starting in the trading world, everything is so new that we need to have a guide in the journey, at least at the beginning of the way. At that moment is when we need to search for trading education and you can find that in one or another trading academy. 
In the foreign exchange, it’s fundamental to know exactly what you are doing, because any mistake means losing the money you are investing on it. That is why we are going to show you some trading academies that will be invaluable in your search for trading education. 
1. Trademy - 
This is one of the best known courses in the web. It offers news about the market, events calendar, CFD online discussion forums, live trading room, and CFD books guide that you are going to need to start learning. 

>> visit Trademy website
2. Learncax 
In Learncax, you have a better platform to navigate. They say that to “inspire, educate, and Mentor” are their pillars. 

5 Basic Steps to Successful Forex Trading (BY 4XFX.COM)

This post is brought to you by 4XFX, a popular forex brokerage.

There are many steps that you might need to take to become a successful forex trader. In this article, we will be looking at the five basic ones that can take you from being a newbie forex trader to one that makes a lot of money soon. One thing you need to know about forex trading is that it is not as difficult as you think it is. Just like maths, you need to understand and know the basics. Once you do, you’ll do really well. So, the five basic steps involved in successful forex trading includes.
Get the Right Fundamentals
Forex trading involves learning some fundamentals. Jumping this will be the about the same as not familiarising yourself with the alphabets before thinking of writing at all. There is a process and a procedure to succeeding in forex trading. What most newbies don’t know is that they often have to get their fundamentals right. Once you can take care of this, you will have little or no problems.
Use the Best …