Global CTB Review: Benefits of Trading With GlobalCTB

GlobalCTB Review

One of the most appealing facts about trading is that it has the power to change your fortune in the blink of an eye. You can become a millionaire overnight or you can also lose everything. The possibility of earning millions is what that draws people to the trading market. In addition, anyone is allowed to take advantage of this market as there are no barriers to entry and you just need to have money for investing. What you do need to look for is a reliable and trustworthy online broker that can offer you safety and security along with the features and tools you would need for trading efficiently. 

In the last few years, there has been a major inflow of trading brokers and now you can find plenty of brokers to choose from when you make up your mind to become a trader. One broker that you will come across during your research is Global CTB. As compared to some other brokers, Global CTB is a new one as it was established it in 2018.

Nonetheless, in a very short time period, Global CTB has earned a positive reputation and it is currently serving traders in more than 60 countries around the globe. As a matter of fact, the broker’s popularity has surpassed that of some other brokers who have been around for a lot longer. This is mostly due to the comprehensive features and services Global CTB offers to its clients. Anyone who decides to sign up with the broker can enjoy a secure and robust trading platform, ideal trading conditions and a horde of trading tools. Moreover, the broker also maintains complete transparency so you know exactly what is happening. 

If you are still wondering about the benefits that you will get when you decide to stick to Global CTB for your trading, here are some of the prominent ones: 

Benefit 1: It offers user-friendly and cutting edge trading platforms 

Adapting to the trading environment at Global CTB is immensely easy for new as well as experienced traders because the broker has a flexible and responsive user interface. That’s not all; the broker also offers a variety of trading platforms for the convenience and ease of users. The broker has incorporated the widely used MT4 trading platform, which is the top choice of most traders because of what it has to offer. You will find numerous graphs and charts, which are very handy because they can present information in a comprehensive manner and can promote better decision making. 

The MT4 platform can be downloaded easily and quickly and you can use it without worrying about any delays as the software doesn’t suffer from any lags and executes trades rapidly. Using this platform also gives you access to Expert Advisors (EAs), which can be used for automated trading after you have established your preferred parameters. Other than this, you will also find a Mobile Trading Platform offered by Global CTB for the convenience of its clients because people these days rely on their phones and mobile devices for most of their tasks. This also applies to trading. 

The Mobile platform works for both iOS and Android devices and it allows traders to execute transactions quickly even when they are on the move. The best part about this mobile platform is that it comes with the same features that you get from others and it is also easy to use so you don’t have to worry about a learning curve. Lastly, the Web Trader is another trading platform that Global CTB has provided and it gives you a browser experience. There are no downloads and installations applicable here and you can use it on any device that has a browser. The functionality and design of this platform is also innovative and tools can be found in abundance that can be useful for making profitable trades. 

Benefit 2: The broker lets you choose from many account types 

When you decide to sign up with Global CTB, the broker gives you the option of choosing from several account types. Regardless of which one you choose, there is no restriction on the trading platform that you can use. You should note that the sign up process is a bit lengthy as the broker wishes to provide enhanced security. Therefore, it is a good idea for you to keep all your documentation handy in order to complete this process as quickly as possible. You will be required to give some basic information like your name, number, email address, home address etc. and it all needs to be accurate. 

Identity verification will be done when you submit proof of ID in the form of a driving license, passport or any other form of government-issued ID. For verifying your address, you have to submit your bank statement, utility bill or any other document that shows your address with your name. If you want to use your credit card for adding and withdrawing funds on Global CTB, you will also have to submit pictures of your credit card. After you have completed this process, you need to choose the account you want to make. The account options you will find are: 

· Starter Account 

As obvious from the name, this account type is for new traders who don’t have any experience whatsoever. Trading is volatile and it is not a good idea to go all in because there is a lot of risk involved and you don’t have any experience in the market. Since this account type is for starters, it has all the features necessary to help newcomers such as basic training, a personal account manager, fixed spreads and Expert Advisors (EAs). Account holders can access the Education and Resource Center to gain detailed knowledge of various markets and assets and the latest market news is also made available. Hedging is allowed through this account and you need to deposit 250 EUR/GBP to get started with this account. 

· Silver Account 

This account option is for traders who are not beginners, but are not exactly skilled traders either. They are still in the learning stages as they are still trying to understand how the market works. You are now given floating spreads through this account and the leverage is increased to 1:100 to help in trading. Webinars are also provided through this account, which can be quite useful because they are conducted by experts and give budding traders the opportunity to communicate with them and get some valuable insights. 

· Gold Account 

Now that traders have become serious and have acquired some skills, they are ready to move to the Gold Account. At this stage, they know the ins and outs of the market and it is one-on-one training that can benefit them. An Experienced Consultant is also provided to help them in polishing up their skills appropriately. The leverage is increased to 1:200 and traders can also get Daily Market Alerts, which can be used for making decisions and movements in the market may have an impact on your trades. 

· Premium Account 

Global CTB has introduced a different account option for professional and VIP traders. The broker understands that these traders are ambitious and are looking to make big transactions and moves that may just pay off. Therefore, this account provides them with access to all features that the broker has to offer to any trader. In addition to those features, Global CTB also motivates these traders to conduct more trades by offering them a Personal Bonus policy. One-on-One training is provided by industry and market experts to help these professionals in getting better and keeping up with the trends. 

These multiple account options are a benefit for traders because they have made Global CTB a one-stop solution. If you sign up with them when you are starting out, there is no need to switch to a different broker as you move up levels because this broker will be able to fulfill your needs even then. Global CTB is currently accepted two currencies; the Pound and the Euro. Even if you use a different currency, the broker will automatically convert it. 

Benefit 3: It lets you trade in a multitude of markets 

After you have made an account on Global CTB, it is now time for you to decide which financial instrument you wish to trade. This broker enables traders to trade more than 2200 financial instruments and you can choose any that appeals to you. If you are interested in a particular asset like cryptocurrency, you can trade that alone or you can also invest in other options for diversifying your portfolio. This can help in balancing your risks and increase your earning potential. 

One of the most unique asset that you can invest in via Global CTB is Cannabis stocks. Cannabis has earned legal status in several countries and its acceptance is increasing. Therefore, the stock prices of numerous Cannabis companies are going up and this has piqued the interest of many traders. With Global CTB, you can purchase stocks of renowned Cannabis firms such as Tilray Inc., Cronos Group Inc. and GW Pharmaceuticals. Other than Cannabis stocks, there are some other assets that you can also trade through Global CTB and they are: 

· Commodities 

If you don’t want to invest in a volatile market, commodities are a good option for you to explore. You can invest in precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium or other commodities such as natural gas, oil, corn and coffee are also available. You can get tight spreads and leverage of 1:50 and they can help in keeping your portfolio diversified. 

· Indices 

On, you can trade both popular and niche indices and can take advantage of innovative index strategy tools. Trading can be done 24/7 and you can set up price alerts to notify you of any changes. Real time index quotes can also be obtained, which makes trading easy. 

· Stocks 

Other than Cannabis stocks, Global CTB also gives its users the opportunity of investing in stocks of companies in the sports and tech industry. You can buy and sell stocks of some of the big industry giants. After hours trading is supported, the rates are excellent and you can choose whatever position you want. 

· Forex 

Foreign currency is a volatile market so you need to exercise caution and GlobalCTB offers you access to common and exotic currency pairs as well. Some of the best rates are offered by the broker and the market is available 24/7. 

· Cryptocurrencies 

One of the most notable assets that you can trade on GlobalCTB is none other than cryptocurrency. This is one of the most highly demanded yet volatile assets these days and you can trade Litecoin, Bitcoin and Ethereum through this broker. 

Benefit 4: There is a comprehensive Education and Resource center 

Having the right knowledge and information can make a huge difference in the world of trading, something that GlobalCTB understands quite well. This is evident by the fact that they have created a complete education and resource center where traders, both new and experienced, can find valuable knowledge about the ins and outs of markets. They can learn new tactics and strategies, keep up to date with changes in the market and polish their skills. E-books, training videos and webinars are available for this purpose. 

Benefit 5: It gives you access to numerous tools 

Another huge benefit that all traders can enjoy on GlobalCTB is the wide array of trading tools that are offered to them. These include the charting and graph tools that can be useful for understanding and identifying trends and patterns, custom indicators that can warn you when something is happening and market alerts that keep you updated about market movements. Economic calendar is also available for keeping track of important events. 

These are some major benefits that a trader can enjoy when they decide to avail the services of GlobalCTB for their trading needs.