Forex and Religion: Can Muslims Trade On

Investing in Financial Markets and Islamic Trading Update: is a new cutting-edge investment opportunity spearheaded by professional market analysts, money managers, and savvy entrepreneurs. There are two ways to invest with

The first is through portfolio management, where their team picks specific alternative investment strategies to achieve high returns while still meeting each investors own unique needs and financial goals. Specifically, offers a portfolio Advisor and portfolio Builder. 

Unfortunately, Muslim investors are unable to use's portfolio services since they charge monthly and annual management and performance fees. Since interest is charged, this investment would be considered Haram. 

The other side of's investing instruments are their trading accounts, which consist of Simple and Pro accounts. They offer a large number of assets, including major and exotic currency pairs, stocks, indices and commodities. Their proprietary trading platform is sleek, intuitive and comes with many helpful features – including the ability to set a specific risk tolerance level, which normal financial services don't allow. 

The primary difference between the two accounts is that Simple charges commissions while Pro uses spreads. The Simple trading accounts give the commission price before a trade is made, so investors know exactly what they're paying beforehand. 

Because there is no mention of swaps, we have to assume that it is Halal for investors to trade on Simple and Pro accounts, so long as every transaction is made on the spot, and as long as Muslim investors make intelligible trading decisions on assets that would be considered Halal. 

So in the end, yes, Muslim investors can safely trade on the platform.