Top 5 CryptoCurrencies 2017 (RECAP)

Top 5 CryptoCurrencies

The crypto currency world is moving extremely quickly. In the last 5 years, Bitcoin has outdone other different investment such as stock market, real estate or gold.

In previous years, hundreds of other crypto currencies were introduced in the market. Majority of them are simply copycat or just have some features that make them diverse.

Just a number of these crypto currencies are genuine outliers. Those exceptional ones unsettle their industry in the same manner that Bitcoin did with the sector of finance.

Below are the top 5 crypto currencies.


Ethereum presents a genuine outlier. This is a platform that facilitates the formation of smart contract that operates on a network that is decentralized. The team that runs Ethereum is extremely intelligent.

Apart from the team, the rate of adoption that Ethereum presently obtains now is awesome. As Ethereum is a platform where developers are able to deploy Dapps, a huge level of innovation is being undertaken presently and all these innovations improve the Etherium adoption level and form a network effect.

Ethereum has the capacity to do well. Already, it has grown 1000% in the last few months and it is possible that the currency will easily grow more again by 1000% or more in the coming few months and years.

Etherium is the sole crypto-currency, which is capable of outdoing Bitcoin Market cap in future. The current market cap is $18,735,749,320 with a price of $200.99 US.

Ethereum is a crypto currency that has the most possibility and it has the potential to surpass Bitcoin in Market Cap. In the near future, 500$ ether is a possibility.


Fatcom offers another fabulous crypto currency, which was initially named ‘Notary Chain’ that will develop a lot in the present year. Fatcom enables firms to form immutable database. Fatcom keep data in their personal block chain and then form a hash of this information into Ethereum and other huge block chain to increase security.

Recently, Fatcom obtained a big contract in China with 20 smart cities. They are working with other states to form immutable database. This shall permit those states to streamline their information and protect it.

The Fatcom market is big and they are certainly outliers. The individuals who are behind Fatcom are very clever. The present market cap is $133,682,662 and the price is $15.27 US.

Fatcom is acquiring mass adoption very fast and it may grow to $30 soon.


Maidsafe has existed for a long time now, 10 years to be precise and feature an Alpha MVP. Maidsafe avails a decentralized database. Rather than keeping information on your computer, you are able to encrypt with maidsafe then upload it on the decentralized server.

In this manner, no single individual is able to access your information without your consent. It is totally safe and does not utilize any space.hen. This decentralized database shall enable whistle blower to distribute data without being concerned about being censored by the state or another group. 

Again, maidsafe has true geniuses running it. Listening to them enables you to have a clear picture of their future plans. After Safenet goes live, their project’s crypto-currency will greatly rise. Already, it multiplied by 10 times in the last few months, but this cannot compare to what is to come.

Maidsafe is able to revolutionize the Internet and they are truly awesome. Only individuals in the world of crypto are familiar with them, since they are in Alpha. However, they shall appear in all newspapers when they become live. At the moment, you can just buy their temporary coins known as MaidSafeCoin. Their current market cap is $140,356,868 at a price of $0.310145US.

After going live it is predicted that their cost shall go up by some dollars and they are bound to revolutionize the Internet. Therefore, in the end their cost will reflect this. In some years it will be $600.


Bitcoin has confirmed to be a valuable store in the last previous years and presently it trades at $410. The cost changes a lot but it has greatly outperformed all other investment channels by far.

Bitcoin provides the network effect and majority of individuals are aware of Bitcoin. In the last few years, Bitcoin obtained great venture capital cash and it is expected that the future will bring very fascinating apps and project being presented to the market. Each of those firms shall motivate huger public adaptation that will make the price go up.

The present market cap is $38,327,177,019 with a price of $2330.97US.


Ripple shifted to the banking market and closed a deal recently with SBI Bank that is one of Asia’s key financial institutions. The banking system prefers to work with a strong crypto-currency and Ripple is working hard to be one of them.

Their current Market Cap is $7,095,700,489 with a price of $0.185308US.

They are likely to cause ripples in the banking sector in future. If they can confirm that they are the banking industry’s solution, their valuation may soar.


Ethereum, Bitcoin, Maidsafe, Ripple and Factom all work very differently and are in competition with one another. None can offer the services provided by the other. All of them are essential and their adoption level is extremely quick.

This is the reason these five rank among the top 5 crypto currencies today. Crypto currency provides the hugest opportunities for any investor out there. The stock market and gold are no longer in vogue now.

Crypto are revolutionary and if you do not desire to lag behind, you should get started. If you desire to purchase Bitcoin, the exchange to use is Coinbase. You can purchase Ethereum and Bitcoin and obtain Bitcoin payment straight to your bank account.

Cryptocurrencies are attractive as you are able to have optimal control of your cash, with quick, safe global transactions. Also, the transaction fees are lower, when compared to all present currencies.

When utilized well and comprehended fully, it can initiate a lot of emerging systems that will essentially alter our international economic system.