Platform is Closed - Australian Traders Withdrawing Funds

Important update: platform has closed, Australian clients can withdraw any funds they have in their accounts by contacting or calling phone number (UK) +44-2035140883.

History of isn't your average Forex broker. Since its inception in 2014, has experienced tremendous growth as one of the world's largest alternative investment firms. 

You don't just trade with, you team up with some of the brightest financial minds out there. Their services include fully customized portfolio management, access to automated investment strategies and the ability to invest with a number of cutting-edge trading platforms. 

Let's take a look at what makes a truly unique investment service. 

Portfolio Services 

There are two ways to use's portfolio services. Through their Portfolio Adviser or Portfolio Builder. The Portfolio Adviser allows investors to put their investments on complete autopilot. Each portfolio is tailored to every investor, and is built and managed by a highly sophisticated robo adviser. Everything is fully diversified and automatic, with advisers helping to protect investments and maximize profit. Adviser requires startup capital of at least $1,500. 

The Portfolio Builder is similar but slightly different. Rather than automate every single aspect of a portfolio, Builder allows traders to pick and choose which automated strategies and assets they want to invest in. A Portfolio Builder can be started with as little as $500.'s portfolio services are an excellent way to push new investors in a profitable long-term direction. 

Trading With 

If you want to trade and manage positions yourself, then trading on's Simple or Pro trading platforms is right for you. They offer a wide array of trading instruments, including stocks, commodities, indices, and Forex currency pairs. The Simple platform is easy to use, navigate, and with it find profitable trading opportunities. Whether you're trading USD/CAD or buying Facebook shares, you can easily adjust trade settings to help you reach your financial goals. By setting each trade's risk sensitivity you're able to set how much of a loss or drawdown you're willing to take on any single trade. 

The Pro platform, while it offers similar features, comes with more advanced charting tools on a proprietary trading platform that has zero restrictions. Instead of charging spreads, Pro charges commissions, and comes with steep discounts for large-volume trades. Execution times are extremely fast and liquidity is always high. caters to professional investors and advanced traders, while still maintaining a beginner-friendly approach to small capital investors. is run by professional investors offering an array of investment opportunities for future generations. No matter your account size, is definitely a Forex trading service to keep an eye on.