Top 3 Best Free Forex Signal Services

When you begin your Forex journey, you will more likely than not come to the decision to utilize Forex trading signals. Forex trading signals are a great way for beginners to maximize their ability to be successful by allowing them to see the market through the perspective of a seasoned veteran. 

But what if you don’t have the funds to pay for one of the elite signal services out there? The best option is to go with a free signal provider who delivers signals free of charge on a regular basis. 

Sure, free forex signals are not the most ideal trading solution out there, but they can definitely help you on your journey to becoming a consistently profitable self-reliant trader. 

Here’s our own list of the best free forex signal service providers. 

Shark-Tips is based in London, UK and is composed of a group of technical analysts, tech enthusiasts, and long-time traders. Shark-Tips uses the “less is more” approach that allows them achieve higher returns with a smaller risk by trading less. Although Shark-Tips is not 100% free, they do offer a 14-day free trial to new members. 

To receive Shark-Tips forex signals, users must download the Shark-Tips mobile app, which sends real-time signals containing each trade’s direction, expiry time, entry price, and of course, the asset being traded. Shark-Tips advertises an average of 355 pips per month with only between 20 and 35 signals per month. 

AtozForex is mainly a database of forex-related articles, news, and educational tools, but they also offer free forex signals. AtozForex sends a handful of free swing trading signals each week. It appears that their trades use limit orders, and they seem to trade mostly the EUR/USD, GBP/AUD, GBP/USD, and BTC/USD currency pairs. Losses look to be limited to 20 to 40 pips, while their winning days achieve between 130 to 240 pips in profit, which is quite impressive. 

ActionForex was established in 2004 and provides a wealth of information on the currency world. Their Trade Ideas section provides actionable trade recommendations based on Candlestick, Ichimoku, and Elliott Wave analysis. They provide weekly, daily, and intraday analysis and trade recommendations. The thing we like about ActionForex is the fact that they go into heavy detail into why they’re making each trade.