72Option Binary Broker Review

Trading in FOREX, stock and derivatives market can be tricky as there are a lot of things to consider, especially for those who are new to the world of trading. However, the whole experience can be entertaining and profit-generating in the presence of appropriate guidance and availability of a suitable platform. When talking about various options available to investors in this regard, the name of 72-Option is the one which is seen among the top names. 

72-Option provides a state of the art, professional and highly effective binary options trading platform which is suitable for every kind of investor. 72-Option trading broker allows investors to make use of a modern and highly efficient trading software in order to generate binary options for FOREX, stock, commodities and derivatives trade. Further details related to 72-Option binary option trading are discussed in the upcoming sections.

Trading Software and Platform:

72-Option has developed a modern online platform to provide ease of access to its clients. There is absolutely no need to download any kind of software on your PC in order to be able to make trades. Instead, the whole system is online and the platform can be access on the website. Once an account is created and confirmed, a client can start enjoying binary option trading. This online trading platform provides full range of features that are necessary to conduct tension free trades in todays complex world.

Using 72-Option on mobile:

If you are someone who moves constantly and don’t have access to a PC 24/7, you can also make use of 72-Option mobile app. This sophisticated mobile app allows all essential trading tools along with an easy and user-friendly interface. Users also receive trading signals on this mobile app. Moreover, other important features include the ability of executing trades and selecting expiry period as well. Mobile app for 72Option trading platform is available for both Andriod and iOS users.

Sign Up:

Opening an account and signing up at 72-Option does not include any complicated process. Simply visit the official website and fill a short form, which asks for important contact details. Then, spend few minutes in order to customize your profile. The overall process takes approximately 10 minutes and opening an account is totally free. 

You will be asked to deposit a minimum amount of money, which is usually $250, in order to be able to make trades. However, this is your own money even when deposited as it will be used to make trades. 

While the sign up is completely free at 72-Option, you may even be eligible for earning handsome amount of bonuses. Usually, there is an opportunity to earn $100 bonus on a successful referral. Similarly, some bonus is also given depending upon the amount of initial deposit. 

Choose your financial plan:

Trading with 72-option is not rigid. Instead, you can choose how much to trade and how to trade according to your own individual preferences and circumstances. Once the account creation process is completed, the account holder can converse with a dedicated account manager in order to build a customized financial plan to suit individual needs.

Account and banking:

Modern banking facilities are available at 72-option in order to make the whole process smooth and convenient. Appropriate measures are taken to ensure absolute privacy and security of each account. For this purpose, some sort of official ID verification may be required during the time of first withdrawal. Therefore, withdrawal may take slightly more time during the first time as various precautionary measures are taken to make sure that money is transferred to the right and legal place.

All major credit and debit cards, such as Visa, Visa Electron, Delta, Master Card and Maestro are accepted for deposit purposes. These cards can also be used to withdraw money. Moreover, you can send money directly to a bank account via wire transfer. No special fees is charged at 72-Option’s end; however, some fees may be charged by bank or credit card company. Therefore, it is recommended to check with your bank or card company to ensure future fees and charges.

Learning Tools:

Appropriate training and continuous support is necessary for every trader. At 72Option, best efforts are made to adequately train traders. Special attention is given to beginners as they need more training. Timely, reliable and easily understandable information is prepared and given to traders.

Moreover, training sessions are also arranged constantly with the aim of improving knowledge base and expertise of traders. These training sessions are exclusively available to members of 72Option. Market analysts, binary options experts and professional traders often take part in these sessions in order to share their professional knowledge and experience with traders. 

As mentioned somewhere else as well, a personal account manager is assigned to each trader. This account manager also plays the role of guide and instructor for traders who wish to improve their trading skillset. 

Demo Account:

Unfortunately, demo account is yet not offered by 72Option. So, traders will have to start their trading journey directly from the main trading account. This may seem very undesirable as traders, especially new entrants to this world, often want to try their skills on a demo account. However, the fact that a big number of people are joining 72Option in spite of not getting a demo account shows their trust on this platform.

Moreover, 72-Option allows an option of low capital investment. This means that beginners and traders which are new to this platform can improve their skillset by conducting trades of as low as $10.

Asset Index:

It is highly desirable for most traders to be able to choose from a vast range of assets when making a trade. 72Option provides an opportunity to choose from more than 120 different assets. All these assets are basically drawn from FOREX, indices, commodities and stock assets. It is up to an individual trader to focus merely on one asset or on multiple assets. Traders can also target assets according to desirable sectors. 

IBM, Nike, Coca Cola, Tata Motors (India), Apply, HSBC Holdings (London) and Lukoil (Russia) are among many stock assets available here. Similarly, 12 different foreign exchange currency pairs are available to make trades. Major commodities include coffee, gold, silver, platinum, oil and wheat. Lastly, NASDAQ (US), FTSE 100 (UK), ISE 30 (Istanbul Stock Exchange), Moscow interbank exchange 10, Saudi stock exchange, Russian trading system, Dubai Financial Market General Index, DOW (US), Kuwait General Index and many other indices are including in the overall asset index of 72-Option trading brokerage. 

Return on investment:

Return is obviously the most important factor when making any kind of financial investment. Binary options are known to provide some of the highest returns and hence they have become so popular over the years. On an average, a binary option return is in the range of 75% to 81%. The maximum amount of payout offered by 72Option is 85%. However, this is not a standard rate as some assets are known to have much higher return than the others. It is important that each trader chooses assets which best suit his or her own trading strategy and philosophy. This, in the long run, ensures maximum level of satisfaction from traders’ point of view. 

Customer Service:

Client support is obviously one of the most important features that traders look for when choosing a brokerage firm, especially for binary options. This, in fact, can prove to be deal breaker. It is due to this reason that 72-Option has put in place a modern system in order to ensure that all clients gain adequate support. 

For any person who wishes to gain any info or guidance, 24/7 chat service is available on the website. Simply visit the office website and a chat box will automatically appear where any visitor can chat with experienced customer care professional. 

Moreover, customer support is even better for members as a personal account manager is assigned to each account holder. An account manager is expert in all aspect of binary options, trading and using 72-Option platform.

Clients can also seek guidance via E-mail, the response time of which is usually 24 to 48 hours. Support is available in Chinese, Italian and German along with English language.


The above discussion and analysis of all important features suggest that 72-Option is a very trust-able and efficient platform which can be used on priority basis in order to manage your FOREX, commodities, derivatives and stock trades. It is obviously not perfect as there are few shortcomings, like non-availability of a demo account. 

However, other brilliant features, such as state of the art online trading platform, fully functional mobile app, free account creation, security of payment and 24-7 customer support outweigh these shortcomings. Moreover, the return offered on investment is also highly desirable and traders can choose from a vast range of assets to suit their financial plans and preferences. 

Lastly, enough guidance and training opportunities are available for both beginner and experienced traders that binary option trading ultimately becomes easy.