Investing in Diamonds

Diamonds as an Investment

Eternal and unalterable, the diamond will always have value. The price of diamonds is totally disconnected from currencies, laws, states and the performance of other assets (equity type). The diamond exists physically and its counterpart is real.

Rare and Valuable

World diamond reserves are depleting and expected to peak by 2030, as global diamond demand is steadily increasing. In addition, the diamond does not recycle which adds to its rarity. By 2020, demand will double, an increase of 6% per year while production will increase by only 2.8% by then.

International Exchange Currency

Diamond is an internationally recognized means of payment. A diamond will always be exchanged for money. The stone evaluation system is fully standardized and internationalized.

Demand higher than supply

According to Bain & Company's Global Diamond Industry Report, forecasts are optimistic. Demand exceeds supply and no new large deposits have been discovered for several years. This gives promising prospects for producers of rough diamonds and also a possibility of price increases over the long term.

Advantageous taxation

Diamonds, neither mounted nor set, fall under the category of movable property and are taxed on resale on capital gains. For any transaction less than 5000 €, there is exemption from tax. Moreover, the VAT does not apply to diamonds because they are stored in a free zone.